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The Peconic Bay is nestled between the north and south forks of eastern Long Island, New York.  Bay scallops harvested here are done so by hand and hand-shucked.  The 100 percent natural sweetness of Peconic Bay scallops is comparable to Nantucket bay scallops.  South Bay adds nothing to the product and their taste is out of this world.

The sizes of these bay scallops vary.  We estimate 40 to 80 pieces to a pound, roughly.  Each individual scallop is blast frozen in order to deliver the best quality protein to the table.  These individually quick frozen (IQF) scallops are packaged in 10 one lb. vacuum packs that are then boxed into an insulated order box with dry ice for sustained cold temperature in transit.

When you receive your order, each of the one lb. packs should be transferred to your freezer until ready to prepare for a meal.  Individually blast-freezing each scallop makes portion control easier by avoiding a single frozen block of protein.

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