All products included on this page are sourced and sold fresh; never frozen. The frozen division is found on its own page here.  In addition to sourcing seafood from Long Island fisheries, many fresh products included on this page are from the South Atlantic & South Pacific Oceans.  South Bay’s Miami division is the hub of sourcing fresh southern species.  South Bay Miami makes local deliveries as well as long-haul ground shipments to several states, however South Bay Miami does not cut or process the seafood it receives.
Tuna and swordfish operations are coördinated by South Bay New Jersey and the bulk of this division is conducted off premises in The Bronx, NYC.
South Bay New York handles all Long Island items and Northern Atlantic species as well as business development.
South Bay also offers select brands, which are sometimes exclusive to particular customers.  Please explore our specialty brands, such as FAT BABY OYSTERShand-made baked clams, and cooked crabmeat, in the menu above.

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Pink Ribbon Oysters

June 16, 2016


September 4, 2015

Jonah Crab

September 3, 2015

Mahi-Mahi (Dorado)

September 2, 2015


September 1, 2015

Fat Baby Oysters

August 29, 2015


August 28, 2015


August 27, 2015

Striped Bass (Wild & Farmed)

August 25, 2015

Fluke & Flounder

August 24, 2015

Black Seabass

August 23, 2015

Cooked Crabmeat

July 6, 2015

Long Island Steamer Clams

July 6, 2015

Panama Flounder

July 6, 2015

Golden Tilefish

June 24, 2015

Sea Trout (Weakfish)

February 11, 2015


February 11, 2015

Long Island Clams

February 11, 2015

Sea Scallops

February 11, 2015


February 11, 2015

Skate Wings

February 11, 2015


February 4, 2015