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South Bay Seafood is excited to announce we have partnered with Pacifico Aquaculture and are the now the master distributors of farm-raised striped bass of the east coast!

Pacifico is an American company conducting operations in Mexico.  Pacifico’s marine biologists are experts of marine harvest conservation, generally speaking, and seabass life science, specifically.  Please watch the above videos narrated by the operation’s leading biologists.

Please contact us for more information regarding Fresh Fish  & Frozen specs.

The location of Pacifico’s fish farm is different than most aquaculture operations in that it is 7 miles off shore from Ensenada, based off of Todos Santos Island in deep oceanic waters.  Most fish farms are located very near to the coast in shallow waters, which can be problematic with respect to nitrogen production and disease.
The company is compliant in effluent regulations and has control measures applied according to site-specific conditions that limits site-specific effluent, biomass, or other discharge, and the company plans on implementing further measures that will go beyond the required controls to ensure that Pacifico is an industry leader in sustainability.
The control measures cover or prescribe monitoring of all aspects of the production cycle including peak biomass, harvest, sludge disposal, cleaning, etc.  The ongoing and future expansion of Pacifico’s production is appropriate for its locations, and thereby preventing the future loss of ecosystem services.  All control measures are actively recorded for accountability.
These control measures address the cumulative impacts of multiple farms in the waters.  The limits are considered scientifically robust and set according to the ecological status of the receiving water body.  Pacifico is certifiably compliant with Seafood Watch best aquaculture requirements and holds SENASICA certification (English translation: National Health Service , Food Safety and Quality.)