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South Bay
It is the goal of South Bay to establish long-term seafood programs for multi-unit restaurants, broadening the line for distributors and retailers worldwide. It is our objective to utilize our producer's raw material to maximize the value to our customers, plants and South Bay. The seafood chain of distribution is changing from a process that involved multiple middlemen speculating on commodities to an industry where the end-user is involved beginning at the source. The South Bay team has vast experience at all levels of the seafood industry along with modern plants that have financial interest in the producing vessels and suppliers of the raw material. Established over 35 years ago as a clam & oyster supplier serving the New York market, South Bay began importing fresh fish from Ecuador in 1983 and has evolved into an importer and distributor of fresh and frozen products from around the globe.
Press Release
South Bay Seafood Announces the Addition of Corvina to its Quality Line of Seafood’s.
Scientific Name: Cynoscion Acoupa.
Product Description
Portions are deep skinned, boned, blastfrozen and IQF.
Sizes: 4/6, 6/8, 8/10, and 10/12oz - 4 – 6oz, 8oz and 10oz
Pack Sizes: 4/10lb and 2/10lb - 2/5lb
Fillets are cut from 10lb and up; Fish are deep skinned,
blast frozen and IQF.
Pack Size 1/40lb Master
A seafood company committed to becoming an industry leader known for nurturing the team's skill, experience, and knowledge to bring superior product to the market. A company that empowers the spirit needed to constantly strive for perfection, resulting in long term value for our customers, fisherman, plants, employees and shareholders.
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